Silken Trap Interiors

Interior Decorating Professionals

Silken Trap Interiors is a highly recognised interior decorating company boasting 20 years of prompt, reliable and honest service to clients with residential, commercial and hospitality related requirements.

Silken Trap can help you with anything related to the interiors of any areas, and many of the exterior needs to. We oversee two factories - one where all our curtains, scatters, bedding and other soft furnishing are precisely put together and another where we manufacture everything made out of wrought iron constructed from drawings made between the client and us, ensuring that each unique requirement is met.

All things interior and can also offer a lot of assistance with exterior. We have 20 years of experience; allow us assist you in choosing from a massive range of fabrics and textures to ensure you get the exact outcome you desire.


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Interior Decorating

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Soft Furnishings

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Wrought Iron

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Contact Information

Candace Sinclair

Interior Decorator

084 581 9878




Mandy Mulder

CEO and Owner

083 469 3296